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        ZeptoMetrix 代理

        簡要描述:北京百奧創新代理ZeptoMetrix 在中國的業務。ZeptoMetrix 代理,ZeptoMetrix 代理,ZeptoMetrix 華東代理,ZeptoMetrix 華北代理,ZeptoMetrix 華中代理,ZeptoMetrix 華南代理 ZeptoMetrix 代理

        • 產品型號:型號齊全
        • 廠商性質:代理商
        • 更新時間:2018-08-16
        • 訪  問  量:1582

        北京百奧創新代理ZeptoMetrix  在中國的業務。ZeptoMetrix 代理,ZeptoMetrix  代理,ZeptoMetrix   華東代理,ZeptoMetrix 華北代理,ZeptoMetrix 華中代理,ZeptoMetrix  華南代理

        ZeptoMetrix 代理

        At ZeptoMetrix, we’ve always understood that research success requires a team approach. That is why our Mission to be “a Partner to Our Customer” remains the focal point as we, together with our Partners, change the global infectious disease diagnostic industry for the better. Today, we proudly provide our Partners with a variety of innovative and trusted products and services.ZeptoMetrix 代理


        0801021– Zika  (PRVABC59) Strips (10/tube) 0801022– Zika  (MR-766) Strips (10/tube)

        NATFVP(XP)-C– NATtrol Influenza Verification Panel (18 x 0.5mL) 0810452CF -Respiratory Syncytial Virus Type A (RSV-A) (Strain: 12/2014 Isolate #2) Culture Fluid (1 mL) 0810482CF – Respiratory Syncytial Virus Type A (RSV-A) (Strain: 3/2015 Isolate #3) Culture Fluid (1 mL) 

        0810529- Human Herpes Virus Type 6A (HHV-6A) (Strain: GS) Lysate (1 mg)

        Catalog# 0810508CF Influenza B (Brisbane/36/12) Culture Fluid (1 mL) Released 10/05/2016 Catalog# 0810513CF Influenza A H3N2 (Stockholm/6/14) Culture Fluid (1 mL) Released 10/05/2016 Catalog# 0810512CF Influenza A H3N2 (South Australia/55/14) Culture Fluid (1 mL) Released 10/05/2016 Catalog# 0810515CF Influenza B (Phuket/3073/13) Culture Fluid (1 mL) Released 10/05/2016 Catalog# 0810507CF Influenza B (Brisbane/3/07) Culture Fluid


         801002HIV Type 1 p24 Antigen ELISA 2.0 (96 Determinations)ZeptoMetrix
        801198Bovine IgG ELISA (96 Determinations)ZeptoMetrix 
        801002HIV Type 1 p24 Antigen ELISA 2.0 (96 Determinations)ZeptoMetrix 
        801197Human IgA ELISA (96 Determinations)ZeptoMetrix 
        801197Human IgA ELISA (96 Determinations) ZeptoMetrix盒 
        801183Human IgM ELISA (96 Determinations) ZeptoMetrix盒 
        NATNOVI-6MCNATtrol Norovirus GI Positive Control 6 x 0.125mLzeptometrix 
        NATNOVII-6MCNATtrol Norovirus GII Positive Control 6 x 0.125mLzeptometrix 
        801002HIV Type 1 p24 Antigen ELISA 2.0 (96 Determinations)ZeptoMetrix Ea
        HBV6284HBV Seroconversion Panel Donor# 62347Zeptometrix1 mL
        NATNOV-6MCNATtrol Norovirus GI/GII Positive ControlZeptometrix6x 0.125 ml
        HIV9012HIV Seroconversion Panel Donor# 65389 (8 specimens 1 mL)zeptometrix8*1ml
        HIV9075HIV Seroconversion Panel Donor# 62216 (5 specimens 1 mL)zeptometrix5*1ml
        HIV9081HIV Seroconversion Panel Donor# 63215 (4 specimens 1 mL)zeptometrix4*1ml
        HIV9096HIV Seroconversion Panel Donor# 1043487 (6 specimens 1 mL)zeptometrix6*1ml


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